In Springville we witness the constant metamorphosis of a small universe in which characters, half human, half object, try to function together and alongside one another. By employing an absurd logic and by playing with proportions, these characters move us with the results of their disfunctionality in their poetic game of chaos, expectation and surprise.


Along the way they lose their trusted nature and the environment changes into the scene of a still landscape that is running wild and unfolds into infinity.


Springville is a performance dominated by the visual. Set design, costumes, props and characters are closely interwoven and merge into one another.


Made and performed by : Arend Pinoy, Laura Vanborm, katia Drayer, , Sofie Durnez, Miet Warlop, and Diederik Peeters

Technique : Hans Valcke, Akim Hassani, Piet De poortere

Replacements by: Soumalin Gyselbrechts, Nele Keukelier, Seppe Bayens, Michiel Soete, Barbara Vackier

Special Thanks: Nicolas Provost

Produced by CAMPO ghent

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