Out of the darkness of the stage, a procession of images step into the light, setting performers and objects in motion. Seemingly unconnected figures, sculptures, tableaux vivants claim their ground like theatrical creatures. Mystery Magnet sketches out a haunted world where humour is born from sadness and magic from the prosaic.


The Belgian visual artist and theatre maker Miet Warlop has created another show made of moments of fragile illusionism, where fantasy and reality coexist. Mystery Magnet channels the contemporary surreal, a terrain where freakish cuteness and desensitised cruelty, glittering promises and unstoppable destruction share a common space.


With Mystery Magnet, Miet Warlop was selected for Stuckemarkt, part of the renowned German theaterfestival Theatertreffen (Berliner Festspiele, Berlin), where today’s young playwrights are put in the spotlight. Warlop was selected by the British theater director and Stuckemarkt juror Katie Mitchell. In the jury report, she praises Warlop’s grip on theatricality, humor and her unique visual signature.


Made and Performed by: Wietse Tanghe, Sofie Durnez, Kristof Coenen, Miet Warlop, Christian Bakalov, Laura Vanborm, Ian Gyselinck

Technique: Piet De Poortere, Bart Van Belleghem

Music by: Stefaan Van Leuven and Stephan De Waele

Replacements by: Harold Henning, Seppe Cosyns, Seppe Bayens, Ondrej Vidlar, Artimis Stavridi and Fernando Belfiore

Special Thanks: Nicolas Provost, Danai Annesiadou and Pol heyvaert

Produced by CAMPO Ghent

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